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Specializing in Curation & Distribution of Content Digitally

Mission Statement

Funding talent and creativity, along with providing intelligent and result-oriented marketing solutions, which include digital marketing, brand engagement and Influencer marketing to brands.

Through this, we are bridging the gap between the artists and brands, with special focus on quality and engaging content, greater returns for brands, transparency and integrity in actions.

We aim to help our clients achieve the higher returns on their investment by decreasing costs, saving time and increasing the outreach. The cornerstone of our model is building a long term relationships with all stakeholders including strategic partners and Influencers.

Our Core Values
  • Integrity in Thoughts & Actions.
  • Partnerships for Positive Impact.
  • Inclusive of Variety of Art Forms, Artists & Communities.
  • Quality, Inspiring and Engaging Content.
  • Esprit de Corps.
  • Socially Responsible Culture.



Passionate About Perfection

Akash Kamal
Akash Kamal
Founder & CEO

Akash is a first-generation entrepreneur with legal and economic background. He specialises in building communities and creating great digital experiences. His understanding of real-life business circumstances, coupled with utmost dedication to deliver the expected results, makes him a reliable resource for the business fraternity.

Akash Kamal