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Mission Statement

At JUGNUCRAFT, we create strategies for our clients to establish and position brands digitally targeting millennial customers for their engagement, goodwill and long-term retention. We aim to tap into those powerful emotions using a proven customer-centric methodology to activate the brand’s community and deliver ROI at scale across the business.

With the rapid advancement of technology, we have witnessed the establishment of an online democracy of consumers who can make many more choices than they had in the past.

As of today, digital brand presence emerges as a channel to communicate with carefully targeted interest groups. And JUGNUCRAFT offers a one-stop solution to build an impactful brand presence that aligns with the changing dynamics of the target audience.

Our Core Values
  • Integrity in Thoughts & Actions.
  • Partnerships for Positive Impact.
  • Inclusive of Variety of Art Forms, Artists & Communities.
  • Quality, Inspiring and Engaging Content.
  • Esprit de Corps.
  • Socially Responsible Culture.



Passionate About Perfection

Akash Kamal
Akash Kamal
Founder & CEO

Akash is a first-generation entrepreneur with legal and economic background. He specialises in building communities and creating great digital experiences. His understanding of real-life business circumstances, coupled with utmost dedication to deliver the expected results, makes him a reliable resource for the business fraternity.

Akash Kamal